Hospital Admission

You will be admitted into hospital on the day of your surgery. The hospital admission team will generally call you the afternoon before the day of your surgery and will advise you what time you need to arrive at the hospital. It is advised someone drives you to the hospital. It is not advisable to drive yourself as you will not be able to drive home and you might be feeling nervous on the day of your surgery.

When you arrive at the hospital on the day of your surgery, the admissions staff will welcome you and confirm if there are any paperwork or details you need to fill out. You will have already filled out an admission form with your personal, medicare and private health insurance (if relevant) details before the day of your surgery.

Once it is confirmed that all of your paperwork is complete, you will do a pre-admission assessment with the admission nurse to make sure you are ready for your procedure. This will include some questions and some basic tests like taking your blood pressure and temperature.

You will then wait in the pre-admission room before being called into surgery. This time is variable of course awaiting the completion of the previous operation by your surgeon. Your anaesthetist will speak to you in the pre-op bay and make sure you are ready. This is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have before your surgery.

When Dr Ryan or Dr Jameson arrives, they will check in with you and make sure you are ready. Then, you will be administered the anaesthetic and when you wake up, it will be in the recovery room and your surgery will be complete!

After some time in the recovery room (usually 1-2 hours), you will move to the surgical ward. You will spend time recovering here (usually between 2 – 3 days but that is only a guide) before being discharged to continue your recovery at home.