Q&A - Sydney Bariatric Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Medicare cover weight loss surgery in Australia?

Whilst Medicare recognises bariatric surgery as an established medical treatment in Australia, the surgery itself is not performed much in the public health system for various reasons. Top cover health insurance is generally required for bariatric surgery to be performed in a private hospital. You can contact your insurance company and quote the following items […]

How much does weight loss surgery cost in Australia?

SBC offers affordable pricing for their bariatric surgeries so that more patients can have access to life-changing surgery. A program fee is charged that covers the entire treatment and multidisciplinary care. The fee for SBC with private health insurance is approximately $5,300. Private health insurance will cover your hospital costs. The fee without private health […]

If I don’t have private health insurance how can I pay for surgery?

Because most bariatric operations take place in a private hospital, this will involve some degree of cost to you as a patient. In general most patients will go through their private health fund to assist with this cost. However it is still possible to have surgery done privately if you don’t have private health cover. […]

Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery in Australia?

Sydney Bariatric Clinic is a multi-disciplinary center that provides a non-judgmental, professional service to help patients achieve long-term success with weight loss surgery. If you have been trying to lose weight for over 2 years through diet and exercise programs and/or through medications without success, you can be considered for weight loss surgery if : […]

Is Weight Loss Surgery recommended for other medical conditions?

Carrying excess weight can lead to and make worse a number of medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnoea, asthma, chronic joint pain, PCOS, insulin resistance, fatty liver, infertility, GORD (reflux/heartburn), depression and anxiety, general tiredness and lethargy, lower leg swelling, varicose veins, incontinence, increased risk of cancer such as uterine, breast […]

What is the safest form of weight loss surgery in Australia?

Bariatric surgery is generally very safe. In terms of what procedure is safest, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries both have equally low complication rates. Surgical and anaesthetic risk for both of these surgeries is less than 1% at SBC. Gastric Banding although generally a safe operation, is not performed very much now because of […]