Bariatric surgery is generally very safe. In terms of what procedure is safest, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries both have equally low complication rates. Surgical and anaesthetic risk for both of these surgeries is less than 1% at SBC. Gastric Banding although generally a safe operation, is not performed very much now because of the inconsistent and often poor weight loss outcomes. Patients also tend to suffer swallowing difficulties and vomiting.

However at the end of the day all procedures carry a small risk. Thats why it’s important to choose an experienced centre such as Sydney Bariatric Clinic, recognised as a International Centre of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery.

The expertise and experience of your surgeon is the best predictor of how safe your surgery will be. Dr Ryan and the multidisciplinary team at SBC are all highly experienced and perform hundreds of weight loss surgeries each year. You will be in safe hands at each step of your weight loss journey.