Single-stage Revisional Surgery - Sydney Bariatric Clinic

Single-stage Revisional Surgery

Laparoscopic gastric banding is increasingly requiring revisional surgery for complications and failures. Dr Ryan and the team can perform single-stage revisional bariatric procedures. They do this by first removing the gastric band and then performing either a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery in the one operation.

Reasons a patient may need single-stage revisional bariatric surgery:

  • Not enough weight was lost after gastric band surgery
  • Weight regain after gastric band surgery 
  • Health complications caused by the gastric band 
  • Medical conditions associated with their obesity were not resolved after having gastric band surgery

Results from single-stage revisional bariatric surgery vary from patient to patient. It is important to note that you will likely not lose as much weight from this surgery as your first. Generally, patients are very satisfied after receiving this procedure. The expertise of the team at SBC will ensure that your weight loss surgery the second time around is as successful as possible. Contact us to find out more about this type of surgery and if you are a suitable candidate.