Gastroscopy - Sydney Bariatric Clinic


Gastroscopy (also known as an endoscopy) is an examination of the oesophagus (what you
may call your food pipe), stomach and duodenum (upper part of the small bowel) using a
flexible telescope called a gastroscope.
Reasons you might have a gastroscopy:

  • You experience indigestion, discomfort or difficulty swallowing (which suggests
    inflammation, an ulcer or a polyps)
  • To treat conditions like bleeding ulcers
  • To widen a narrow oesophagus (known as dilatation)
  • To remove a foreign body or polyps

You can have an x-ray to examine this part of the body but a gastroscopy is more accurate at
detecting diseases and allows for tissue samples or biopsies to be taken. The team at SBC is
experienced performing this procedure and will help you feel comfortable.