Because most bariatric operations take place in a private hospital, this will involve some degree of cost to you as a patient.

In general most patients will go through their private health fund to assist with this cost. However it is still possible to have surgery done privately if you don’t have private health cover.

This comes under the banner of being “self-funded” where all the costs of both the medical care and the hospital stay are incurred by you as the patient.

Quotes will be provided to you for both the medical clinic’s costs (Sydney Bariatric Clinic in this case) and the private hospital’s fee (E.g. Westmead Private or Lakeview Private Hospital). This has to be paid by you in total.

One option to cover the costs of the above is to use your superannuation funds if they are sufficient. You can apply for early release of superannuation under medical/compassionate grounds. Early release of super is taxed through the ATO at 22%.

At Sydney Bariatric Clinic our reception and accounts staff will be able to help you with all the paperwork necessary for the super application. Alternatively you can call the ATO on 132010 for any further enquiries.