Recovery after Laparoscopic (Key-hole) weight-loss surgery is quick with patients out of hospital after 2 to 3 days on average.

Patients are able to get up and walk the same day after surgery and encouraged to walk up and down the corridor the day after surgery.

Nausea can sometimes be an early complaint post-operatively. This can be treated with medications.

Most people are advised to take 2 weeks off work but occasionally there are exceptions depending on the nature of the job. For example a very physical job may need 3 weeks off. Driving a car is usually possible after one week.

We recommend no strenuous activity, heavy lifting or gym for 4-6 weeks after surgery.

There is a graduated diet after the surgery to allow your stomach to heal. At SBC the team including dietitian and nurse will discuss with you in detail the post-op diet of liquids, protein shakes and soft foods.

You can find out more information here about recovering after bariatric surgery. ‘What does recovery look like’. The multidisciplinary team at SBC will make sure your recovery plan is tailored to your needs so you can expect the best health outcomes possible.