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Anti-Reflux surgery

For severe reflux, anti-reflux surgery can be considered in some circumstances.   It is generally very effective and performed laparoscopically (keyhole method).

The nature of the surgery usually involves Hiatus Hernia Repair plus or minus Nissen Fundoplication (a particular technique of forming a stomach wrap at the top of the stomach to reduce acid reflux).

The indication for surgery may be severe gastroesophageal reflux disease or ‘GORD’ for patients who do not respond completely to
medications or cannot take medications for various reasons. Or it can be for the secondary damages of long term reflux such as Barrett’s oesophagus.

  • hiatus hernia (hyperlink) refers to part of the stomach sliding up into the chest and is a common cause of reflux/heartburn. It is sometimes seen after gastric sleeve surgery.
    You might experience the following if you have reflux:
    ● Burning retrosternal feeling after food ”heartburn”’
  • Acid taste in mouth
  • Regurgitation of food
    ● Burping
    ● Hiccups that will not go away
    ● Nausea
    ● Weight loss for no known reason
    ● Wheezing, dry cough, hoarseness, or a chronic sore throat
  • Symptoms worse when lying down or at night

In this procedure, the surgeon will first treat the hiatal hernia (if present). Then, they will wrap
the top of the stomach around the lower oesophagus. This makes it difficult for acid to come
back up into the oesophagus, which is what causes reflux.

Hiatus hernia repairs are performed by repairing the break in the diaphragm. Your surgeon will
pull the stomach back down into your abdomen and secure it with a suture (stitches) to stop it
from poking through again. They will then tighten the hiatus in the diaphragm to help control

Dr Ryan and the team are highly experienced at performing this surgery. Contact us to
find out more about nissen fundoplication surgery and if you are a candidate.