Omega Loop Gastric Bypass with Minimizer Ring - Sydney Bariatric Clinic

Omega Loop Gastric Bypass with Minimizer Ring

At the time of the Bypass surgery there is an option to place a silicon band called the MiniMizer Ring around the newly created stomach pouch.  There have been many studies showing that gastric bypass patients lose more weight with a ring device placed around the gastric pouch at the time of the gastric bypass surgery.

At Sydney Bariatric Clinic, the MiniMizer Ring (MMR) is an option that patients can decide to have with the gastric bypass. The role of the ring is to prevent stretching in the gastric pouch/gastric anastomosis complex.

The MiniMizer Ring looks like a soft cable tie and is made out of medical-grade silicon. It is placed
around the gastric pouch loosely so you should not feel it.

Dr Ryan and the team have performed gastric bypass surgeries for many years.
Once you have a referral from your GP or specialist, you can book in for an initial consultation
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bypass surgery.